The Craig Shoemaker Show: Laugh It Off!

The Craig Shoemaker Show focuses on laughter and the healing properties it has on our mind, body and Spirit. Special guests from Mark Victor Hansen to Samuel L Jackson, Co-Host Katrina Ereon helps bring health & wellness information, and many laughs abound. Come laugh with us!

The show records weekly, and is available on iTunes shortly thereafter. Catch up with new episodes of the show on iTunes.

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Craig Shoemaker and KATRINA EREON  

Craig Shoemaker hosts The Craig Shoemaker Show and brings on celebrity guests of all sorts. Craig's voice and muse are directly observed in this show to express a new avenue of health, wellness, laughter, and love. 

We all know Craig Shoemaker and his amazing resume, but Katrina Ereon, let's get to know her... Katrina is new to the hosting business, but she's quite the actress and thespian. She just recently signed with a very well known agent, and is already getting a lot of attention for her abilities - keep on eye on her, and we can all say we knew her 'when'!.


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